Hundreds of asylum seekers, survivors of FGM, Human trafficking, rape and war are unlawfully detained indefinitely in a prison-like compounds, where neglect and mismanagement are commonplace. A place like this couldn't exist here ? These are the untold stories of the indefinitely detained asylum seekers of Britain.

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About the filmmaker

I am a student living in London. In my spare time I love to make short videos on my Iphone. This Year I am trying to expand my platforms and I'm learning to use more complex software to produce more cinematic videos and documentaries. Finding out about Yarl's Wood last year I was inspired to help tell the stories of the women detained there. I never imagine such a place could exist in my country today, I wanted to let all my friends know as well.


August 21, 2021

Wash Your Hands of My Blood

by Anahita Seraji, Canada
August 21, 2021

Fistula, The Ceaseless Suffering

by Ravia Rasool and Hafsah Rahman, Pakistan
August 20, 2021

This is Not Fiction

by Anabella Funk, USA