A mirage is an optical illusion and can be something that appears to be real but is not actually. This a metaphor for one's perception of beauty and about the importance of diversity in the media and how it can affect self-esteem and body image. Told through a spoken word poem, and brought to life in the form of a girls journey of self-acceptance, Mirage raises awareness about the lack of black women in media and its effects on young girls.

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About the filmmaker

Emily McClanahan is a high school senior at Crockett High School and a born and raised Austinite. Since discovering her passion for filmmaking, it has manifested into her daily life. She has found that film is her medium as an artist and a social activist. Emily McClanahan is intending on pursuing a career in film production.


September 29, 2021


by Athena Stuebe, USA
August 20, 2021


by Paolina Stefani, UK
August 20, 2021

Ruth: A Vision of Beauty

by Hannah Oommen, Canada