This is a short film following the daily life of a normal teenager with an eating disorder.

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About the filmmaker

My name is Katie Lederer and I am a high school senior. I am pretty terrible at any form of sports, juggling, and writing about myself. However, I love creating and making art in any way that I can, and I will always try something at least once. I have honestly never attempted film making prior to this, photography is my real area of expertise. This project has been really important to me because like a lot of women, self image is something that I have struggled with for a long time. I hope to influence anyone I can, even if it is just one person, in a new way.


September 29, 2021


by Athena Stuebe, USA
August 20, 2021


by Paolina Stefani, UK
August 20, 2021

Ruth: A Vision of Beauty

by Hannah Oommen, Canada