“The Untold Tales of the Rohingya Daughters" is a documentary providing a glimpse of the hardships of the Rohingya refugee women. The women talk about the journey they had to make from Mayanmar to Bangladesh. Despite their challenges, they kept hopeful due to their young daughters who took charge of their family needs after being abandoned by the men in their lives. This is a story of resilience, power and strength.

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About the filmmaker

My name is Mashiat Sharif. I was a student of Chittagong Grammar School and I am currently a student of Asian University for Women. My major is Economics. I come from a very conservative Chittagonian Muslim family. I am currently the president of AUW Photography Club. I have previously interned for NGO's like Jonakir Alo and WBB Trust. During my internship at WBB Trust, I developed a fascination towards short film making as I directed most of their promotion videos. This is my very first documentary. It was a very challenging task for me but I hope I could get my message through to the audience.


March 20, 2020

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