Dara-A short documentary film showing the philosophy of circle in the life of Yara Ayoub, she is a young girl from Gaza, an optician and an amateur for embroidery with tara. Many circles in her life, the most important is the circle of living in Gaza.

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About the filmmaker

Aya Matrabie, amateur filmmaker since I was in high school, I am studying business hoping to create a new space of artistic women production, aspiring to be a producer that helps a lot of women filmmakers in Gaza Strip as well as other types of art, photography and audio talent, and I am on my way!


February 14, 2020

The Garden Store

By Rose Knopper
February 14, 2020
a teenage girl crying


By Kaitlyn Peacock
February 14, 2020

How to Survive in a Beauty-Obsessed World

By Savannah Kelley