A short film that depicts the essence of human trafficking in South Africa. It follows a journey of a brave journalist Azania, that is willing to go against all odds to end the misery that women experience, abuse and human trafficking.

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About the filmmakers

I as a being embody an identity that gives me access to various spheres of life. This gives me an advantage to write stories that haven't been told. Creating films that people can connect with is something i strive to achieve when working on any film.

A young vibrant black woman, currently pursuing studies in the field of media practices. I'm majoring in Television. I am also a content producer at Boston Media House Radio, as I am doing my second year. I aspire to be behind the scenes as a filmmaker that has a positive impact in people's lives.

A small production company owner called Berrado Pictures. Experienced in directing and editing. I constantly come up with new ideas and initiatives that propel the brand objectives to broaden my range of services.


August 22, 2019


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