An experimental film that seeks to unlearn the social conditioning that is deeply entrenched by our patriarchal society. This film re-iterates the idea of this indoctrination while simultaneously juxtaposing it with a new line of thought: normalisation of the female anatomy.

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About the filmmaker

A young, independent filmmaker aiming to share stories that reflect the livelihoods of the modern woman. I'm inspired by stories stories that speak to our lived experiences and allow us to question the nature of the way we've been taught to interact with 'taboo' subjects.


August 21, 2021

Wash Your Hands of My Blood

by Anahita Seraji, Canada
August 21, 2021

Fistula, The Ceaseless Suffering

by Ravia Rasool and Hafsah Rahman, Pakistan
March 17, 2020


By Sarah Jehaan Khan