On this film show little girl need a chance to motivate the community about environment preservation form education she get from school, but feel difficult of use it to inspire people, due to mind set of the people would not listen her because of her sex and age. Tried alternative way to possibility

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About the filmmaker

I am a student who interested on IT skills, do to My Interested on it I look my self natural skill with no school, I\'m more based on film making issue by getting experience on willing on school filming and contribute and cooperate with my fallow student and street youths on doing tasks.


February 14, 2020

Passing the Torch Along

By Iqra Abbasi
February 14, 2020
woman turning on kitchen fire

The Girls of the Desert

By Anabella Funk
September 17, 2019
African American girl smiling

Child Marriage Robbed Me Off My Childhood, But I Still Dream