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About the filmmaker

Sarah Jehaan Khan’s films The Ripple Effect, about rainwater harvesting in drought-ridden areas of Pakistan, and Harvesting Hope, which shined a spotlight on the health issues plaguing Pakistani women who are exposed to pesticides while picking cotton, both won Green IS Environmental Film Awards at the Girls Impact the World Film Festival. The Ripple Effect was subsequently used to train hundreds of women in Pakistan how to install rainwater collection systems for their household use. Both films were screened at multiple Asian Development Bank conferences, where Sarah presented the critical drought and pesticide issues to attending professors and chief justices from across Asia.


August 22, 2021

The Hidden Providers

by Ravia Rasool, Pakistan
August 21, 2021

The Monthly Curse

by Raiyaan Ul Islam, Bangladesh
August 21, 2021

The Old Lady

by Athar Ali, Pakistan