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Three Asian-American teenage girls navigate embracing their cultures when they are assigned a school project.
First Name: Sophia
639 Votes
The young Palestinian woman “Farah” was suffering from depression caused by darkness and sudden blackouts. when she decided to challenge the darkness, trying to make light herself, her concept of physical beauty has been changed forever! LED wire is no longer just a tangled metal, it's an accessory
First Name: Aya
387 Votes
Pretty Shouldn't Hurt explores the harmful effects that the normalization of the saying "beauty is pain" has negatively impacted young girls and women.
First Name: Meghan
209 Votes
Nancy the Girl is about a store in White River Junction, Vermont that promotes body positivity, gender fluidity and having fun while dressing up.
First Name: Soren
168 Votes
A short documentary about a young African American woman giving her younger self advice through her peers on what Black beauty is, their experience along the way, and how America’s beauty standards affect them through a diary.
First Name: Lenora
135 Votes
16 year old Rue can't stand to look at herself in the mirror. All that she sees in the reflection are glitches clouding her true beauty. Anything, that triggers her to think of her appearance, glitches. This film is a symbolic showing of life with body dysmorphia and how support can go a long way.
First Name: Gwendelyn
43 Votes
KC Daniels is one of many impressionable young women, forced into a system that expects perfection out of women. Only after becoming unrecognizable to herself, does she finally get the courage to break free.
First Name: Paola
28 Votes
Dear friend is from the perspective of a woman seeing her childhood best friend in person for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Inspired by Audre Lorde's essay, "Uses Of The Erotic" we wanted to capture beauty as a sense felt through women's connection, not seen or decided upon.
First Name: Juliet
12 Votes
This film is inspired by body image struggles I’ve observed in friends as well as my own experience. The story sheds light on the internal torture of seeking validation from others. Craving one more comment, one more compliment; that one more will never be enough.
First Name: Julia
9 Votes
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