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Upon learning that just 1% of women worldwide with disabilities are literate, we set off on a journey to explore how the rights of disabled girls towards education are protected in Africa. Our camera followed through the eyes of our presenter, Sarah, who visited a school for the disabled in Africa.
First Name: Zahra
Ali Jaffer
146 Votes
Eman resides in an orphanage in Islamabad, Pakistan. She fights against the discrimination girls face in receiving education at the orphanage.
First Name: Romaisha
143 Votes
This is a story about the journey of Darakhshan, an educational institute for disabled women in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and how it was built and expanded against all odds by a visually-impaired couple.
First Name: Ayesha
122 Votes
A filmmaker under shakers Filmz pro also doing graphic design and an advocate with kiryandongo Video Advocates (KVA) Very passionate about community developmental initiatives and willing to serve and learn from various opportunities available
First Name: Onenchan Peter
73 Votes
This short film takes a deep look into the Refugee Women's Alliance Organization located in Seattle, Washington. It focuses on their Youth Program's emphasis on good, equal education for everyone and acknowledges the struggles of their female students and what they do to overcome.
First Name: Ayla
54 Votes
Mina, a 12 years old school girl, happily signs up for a game of marriage with her friends but is unaware about the horrific experience forthcoming to her.
First Name: Suraj
25 Votes
The film follows two girls' lives that turned upside down after getting early pregnancies and where shut out by their men and families. together they united and fought hard for their education and independence against all obstacles and also fought for their fellow girls in similar situations
First Name: Monalisa
21 Votes
Savithri, 37 years old, works as a Janitor in many places with an income of less than $100. She struggles to educate her 2 sons and a daughter only to make sure that they get a good job to overcome poverty.
First Name: Khushi
8 Votes
A story of a little girl saved by her teacher from her abusive stepfather. A story very common in many home where girls live with their stepfathers
First Name: Kelvin Maxwell
7 Votes
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