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In India, driving taxis is traditionally a male role. This is the story of women who have broken down the gender barriers and are training to become taxi drivers.
First Name: Karishma
250 Votes
This film I tried to show a day in the life as a village housewife and her struggles that she has to go through. She tries her best in everything she do.
First Name: Abdul
142 Votes
Munni works as maid.She is married but her husband is not good in nature.Her husband doesn’t contribute to the family.So,she started working as maid after she conceived a baby being confused what to do.Her first child died because of working during pregnancy.But she didn’t give up at all.
First Name: Jumana
79 Votes
Filmmaker’s mother, who is suffering from extreme toothache, is compelled to stay inside during the Corona Pandemic. Filmmaker is contemplating on her mother’s constant support towards her family despite the pain she is suffering from.
First Name: Mira
21 Votes
Olivia is fascinated by the skin tones of African woman. Her broad practice in mixed media seeks to narrow stereotypes faced by women whose skin colours fall in the grey areas of societal expectations. Her paintings embrace themes like self-love, confidence and women being comfortable in their skins
First Name: Kasoga
11 Votes
Ugandan visual artist Katesi Kalange derives her inspiration from her immediate surroundings specializing in multimedia art that is a blend of weaving and welding techniques. she believes shes an inspiration and continues to use her heart to tell stories and inspiring fellow young women.
First Name: Lubanga
7 Votes
Each and every work is respectable and admirable on earth. In contemporary Bangladeshi society, a woman as a butcher is hardly accepted. By changing this narrow concept, ‘Jamila Begum’, a brave woman from Birganj, Bangladesh, is earning her livelihood with super confidence.This is her heroic story!
First Name: Hasanul
5 Votes