ConnectHER Film Festival Awards

The ConnectHER Film Festival welcomes submissions that focus on issues that affect the lives of women and girls with a special emphasis on amplifying BIPOC voices. Films, be they animated, documentary or narrative, must be related to any of the following themes, all centered around women’s issues: refugees/IDPs, war and conflict, political enfranchisement and power, gender inequality, ending child marriage, ending labor and sex trafficking, economic inequality and empowerment, food access/insecurity, maternal health, global health, poverty, climate action, and access to education. These themes align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting our commitment to address urgent global women’s issues through film.

Highlighting stories of resilience is strongly encouraged for the ConnectHER Film Festival. Your film has the power to inspire, uplift, and showcase the resilience of individuals and communities around the world, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, impactful stories and solutions can emerge. Join us in celebrating narratives that empower, inspire, and contribute to a brighter future.

Judges’ Choice

The Judges' Choice Award is our top recognition given to an outstanding narrative, documentary, and/or animated film, carefully chosen from among all categories by our esteemed panel of judges. Our judges single out this film for its exceptional qualities, making it stand out for its overall excellence in storytelling, creativity, and cinematic achievement.


Winners will receive $5,000. 1st runner up will receive $2,500.

Best Documentary

Introduced in 2024, the Best Documentary Award recognizes exceptional filmmaking that skillfully captures true and impactful stories about individuals influencing the lives of women and girls within the specified themes listed above. This award celebrates the power of documentaries to shed light on compelling stories, contributing to a broader understanding of the issues at hand.

The Best Documentary winner is chosen by the Gems, a group of sustaining donors to ConnectHER


Winners will receive $2,500.

Best Narrative

Introduced in 2024, the Best Narrative Award acknowledges outstanding fictional storytelling in film. This recognition celebrates a film that crafts a scripted narrative through compelling characters. The winning film stands out for its narrative excellence and ability to weave engaging stories within the specified themes listed above.

Winners will receive $2,500.

Best Animation

Introduced in 2024, this award acknowledges the best animated film that addresses issues and solutions impacting women and girls within the specified themes listed above. The award celebrates creativity and skill in any form of animation or stop motion, highlighting innovative storytelling and visual artistry.

Winners will receive $2,500.

People’s Choice

Our judges will select three finalists from the top ten films across all categories, with the most votes in our online audience gallery, and the ultimate winner will be determined from these three finalists.

Winner will receive $2,500.

Global Impact

The Global Impact Award was created to recognize a film that identifies inequalities and injustices affecting women and girls around the world. We are looking for films that address the issues listed above while also shining a light on an innovative solution – a local leader or a community-based solution. ConnectHER Film Festival is unique in that we prioritize films that are making an impact. Typically the most successful films in this category introduce a problem or issue by focusing on an innovative solution and/or the resilience of the subject/s.

2023's award was sponsored by JP's Peace, Love & Happiness Foundation

Winner will receive $2,500.

Stand Up Men

The Stand Up Men Award recognizes a film that celebrates men as a subject or filmmakers themselves who are taking a stand for women’s rights. We want to start a conversation about men who are going above and beyond by taking a stand against the oppression of women globally by addressing the above issues.

Winner will receive $2,500.

Women & Work

The Women and Work Award recognizes a film that shines a light on women’s livelihood and workplace issues. These are stories about how women relate to work - in both formal and informal sectors. This category covers issues such as: equal pay, livelihood training, financial independence, historic and cultural barriers to women in the workplace, childcare, STEAM careers and education, and women’s underrepresentation in the top ranks of leadership.

Winner will receive $2,500.

Educating Girls

According to the UN, there are 129 million girls out of school around the world, and only 49% of countries have achieved gender parity in primary education. The Educating Girls Award recognizes a short film that tells a story about educating girls and women – from barriers to successes.

This award is presented by WomenServe

Winner will receive $2,500.

Women & Health

Through this award, we aim to spotlight filmmakers whose work contributes significantly to advancing dialogue and understanding around vital global health issues and health equity. This category covers issues such as: maternal health, infant mortality, barriers to healthcare access in remote or underserved communities, eradicating infectious diseases, ending FGM, water quality and sanitation, and malnutrition and food insecurity.

This award is presented by Invest in Her Foundation

Winner will receive $2,500.

Women & the Environment

The Women & the Environment Award recognizes a short film that shines a light on
Environmental issues that impact women and girls globally — and considers solutions, be they climate adaptation, indigenous practices or women cultivating the land and sustaining the oceans, and displacement and migration strategies.

Winner will receive $2,500.

Past Award Winners

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