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We tell Ria's story, an architect and owner of the OFA art project. Ria creates mosaic paintings and offers art workshops for young people, seeking to highlight beauty. Ria and team, take care of every single broken mosaic piece to bring out the inner beauty of things while we only see the outside
First Name: MOUSTAFA
675 Votes
affirming ourselves is a short film that showcases Black joy through movement and dance. It will be a celebratory exploration of all the different facets of Black happiness and demonstrate the magic of Black women/femmes.
First Name: Aurora
531 Votes
The documentary follows Maggie, presenting a portrait of their relationship to beauty as well as the internal and external forces that influence their ideals. They share an approach to beauty that centers emotions and honors themselves and their happiness.
First Name: Kidist
528 Votes
Women are asked the question "What is beautiful about yourself?" pondering the ideas of beauty in relation to passion.
First Name: Ezra
299 Votes
“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is a music video set to my own cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘80s pop hit. Through the project, I interrogate my personal journey with gender, but I also hope to create a space where everyone can reflect on their relationship with femininity.
First Name: Frey
62 Votes
If I Were As Pretty As The Moon
First Name: Kalyna
36 Votes
An experimental take on the journey and struggle of self image.
First Name: Ines
26 Votes
A Thai-American teenager navigates differences between Western and Eastern beauty standards in her pursuit of a summer "glow up."
First Name: Asiana
15 Votes
'Airbrushed Beyond Recognition' is a brief documentary on airbrushing and retouching in print, digital and social media and its controversial and harrowing after-effects on the minds and bodies of teens and adults, celebs and non celebs alike
First Name: Vidal
14 Votes
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