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A young woman with no choice but to help her family at home thinks about what her life would look like if she could attend school and live out her educational dreams. She thinks of all the what-ifs & discusses the importance of what education could add to her life & future generations ahead of her.
First Name: Simone
286 Votes
A Special Education Teacher Leah Surot has dedicated her life to teaching deaf students for 25 years, which include the 10 years at West Central Elementary School in Dagupan City.
First Name: Charlmagne Christian
28 Votes
In this film, the importance of educating and encouraging girls to go into STEM fields is explored through three interviews with high school girls interested in STEM pathways, with bonuses from other girls with a passion for STEM and empowering women.
First Name: Nerissa
24 Votes
A interview based documentary highlighting two women within the educational space. This short film showcases two different perspectives, the student's, and a teacher's.
First Name: Madison
21 Votes
5 teen girls discuss the importance of youth participation in politics.
First Name: Celine
16 Votes
This is a film that shines a light on Beads for Education. An organization that has changed the perception of the Maasai community and has helped educate their girls. Most of the alumni of this organization are no working there after finishing colleges. This is a mentorship on its own to the others.
First Name: Beryl
9 Votes
This short documentary aims to simply explain the benefits that we see in our society, economy, and environment as a result of educating young girls
First Name: Trisha
5 Votes
Go Ahead promotes girls to follow their dreams in doing what they love. Education is not the only way for one to become successful, and that every woman also have their own qualities that can be demonstrated and appreciated.
First Name: Xiyan
4 Votes
In April 2023, one of our beloved educators of five years was wrongfully terminated without an explanation. Women in education have been overlooked, underpaid, and undervalued for far too long. My team and I decided to come together and recognize Mrs Avery, And stand up for women in education.
First Name: Layla
4 Votes