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Isis is dealing with grief after losing her mother and with assuming an unavoidable maternal role to her younger sister. Beyond that, she's struggling to keep some financial stability as an underpaid comedian women in a man dominated stand-up comedy world.
First Name: Giovanna
9234 Votes
Jawaher is a farmer with her father when she was young, and a beekeeper in old age. Beekeeping to her is a way to overcome life's difficulties. Despite the difficulties she's facing; the economic situation, climate change, and wars, she's still sticking to her source of livelihood to save a living.
First Name: Samar
1112 Votes
In Gaza, life is always shaking, but not every shaking is war-related! ‏The shaking of the driver on his way to work brings comfort to his family and his livelihood ". The “Al-Mokhtara" is a documentary that displays the rhythm of sounds in Naila's life between the horn of the car and the washing po
First Name: Asil
416 Votes
About (Heba Abu Halima), the Gazan female farmer, who was chosen for agriculture at a young age before she chose it. So that the land becomes her spirit and sanctuary where she finds her entity and her stability. Defying obstacles and difficulties, in difficult circumstances alone as a woman
First Name: Mary
392 Votes
The film's heroine, Sarah, faces discriminatory social restrictions in obtaining a job, and goes through many situations that she overcomes because of her determination and persistence.
First Name: Ata
252 Votes
Fashion, passion, and appreciation. Three words describe the film: the place that embraced the family when the wife decided to leave her job and achieve her dream. We'll see how a husband can be a father and a friend, starting with support at home, moving through job stage, and ending in Pelistia.
First Name: yasmin
111 Votes
This story is about a Bangladeshi girl. who established herself even from the conservative village. Her life was spent in poverty since childhood. She was very interested in education since his childhood. Her goal was to become a doctor. But she could not become a doctor due to lack of financial
First Name: Asim
109 Votes
Breaking Barriers
First Name: Westlake
ConnectHER club
51 Votes
There was a woman named Lisa who wanted to work in the field of stand-up comedy. She started her first stand-up comedy. She had negative comments from her own friends and other people on social media. Lisa was still passionate about her stance on wanting to become a stand-up comedy.
First Name: sendi
43 Votes
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