Nagham, a female karate player, and Shaima, a sports journalist, both live in a conservative society and are fond of sport which is monopolized mostly by males. Nevertheless, Nagham's father and Shaima's working male colleagues were the main people who supported them and accomplish their dreams.

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About the filmmakers

A 23-year-old Palestinian Renewable Energy Engineer, and a Filmmaker who was born in 2000, living her early twenties reflecting on her life experiences visualized in her works. Yoga enabled me to feel what I experience the way I want to, and so do the films I create.

A Sports journalist from Gaza, born in July 2000, studies computer engineering, he grew up with a love of football and excels in writing sports articles so he becomes an editor and presenter at al Nama Radio. This is his first experience in documentary filmmaking.

A Palestinian artist, born in 1998, From Gaza. She studied English literature. She is interested in art, photography and short documentary films . She recently began focusing on integration of art and films.

A Palestinian writer, born in Gaza, she is an English literature student | the Translation department. She is interested in film directing. who had the opportunity to train the basics of training documentaries.her basic motto of life is” everything is possible and the heart of ambition never tires, on a journey of striving to be a filmmaker and a literary critic.


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