Jawaher is a farmer with her father when she was young, and a beekeeper in old age. Beekeeping to her is a way to overcome life's difficulties. Despite the difficulties she's facing; the economic situation, climate change, and wars, she's still sticking to her source of livelihood to save a living.

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About the filmmaker

Palestinian from Gaza born in 2003, IT student, web developer, and designer, voice-over artist, worked as a video editor. She's always inspired by her country's unheard stories; she aspires to achieve her primary goal of communicating the voice of her country to the world through filmmaking.

Sojood Mohey Shheber, an English literature student, was born in 2002 in Gaza, Palestine. Writing, taking photos, and filmmaking is a way to make memories and escape reality. Sojood believes that every letter a writer writes has a story just as every shot in a film has a story.

Woroud Younis Alqassas, born in 2001, in Gaza, Palestine. Media and mass communication student, minor in English, in Alazhar University, she works in the field of photography, and she has nearly three years in it.


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