(Breathing New Life) is an inspiring documentary featuring Marco, the founder of 'Ecocomal.' It highlights the impactful work of Ecocomal's eco-friendly stoves, improving air quality and the lives of women and children who spend significant time indoors.

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About the filmmakers

Aria Harrell's award-winning debut film at ConnectHER 2021 sheds light on human trafficking. With internship experience under Emmy-winning writer Rita Coburn, Aria skillfully produces this impactful film, aiming to reshape perspectives through the power of storytelling.

Manuel Rubio excels in directing, cinematography, and editing. As a first-gen U.S. citizen from Mexico, he brings a unique perspective, addressing cultural identity and social justice. Currently studying film production at the University of Miami, Manuel's rising career includes award-nominated work like \"Sororophobia\". Manuel's innovative approach and commitment to important narratives shows in his work.


September 15, 2022

Her & I

By Monalisa Sikamale
September 15, 2022

Sight Unseen

By Janie "Sasha" Surkin
September 15, 2022


by Hasanul Hoq