Nkechi Okoro Carroll is a female showrunner (All American and All American: Homecoming), producer, and writer. This short documentary features an interview about her success breaking the glass ceiling in multiple fields, and her work to address inequality in the entertainment industry.

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About the filmmakers

Allegra Cameron, Harvard-Westlake School '21 and NYU '25, is an 18-year-old filmmaker, writer, social justice advocate and musician from Los Angeles. She aspires to tell stories that promote equality and uplift people across all demographics and life-experiences.

Joss Cameron is a film composer (Stanford B.A. '20 Music Composition, Phi Beta Kappa, M.A. '21 Music, Science, and Technology) whose music has been featured in the LA Film Festival and performed internationally (Walt Disney Concert Hall, Great Wall of China, Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome).

Emma Donnelly, Harvard-Westlake School ‘21 and NYU '25, is an 18-year-old filmmaker and visual artist. She is from Oakville, Ontario and grew up in Los Angeles, California.