This is a story of a woman who has two "disabled" daughters who had to face many challenges to educate her special daughters because the normal schools refused admit them. After a long period of struggle she has now educated her daughters and is also running an organization in her village to support special children.

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About the filmmaker

Anila Shaheen from Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan I am currently studying at Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. I belong to a family which was the first to send their daughters to school in the region and had to face so many challenges and opposition from the people. storytelling was a favorite hobby when I was a child which grew to become my passion. When I was seven years old I participated in an oral storytelling competition and got second position in districts and then I wrote a book named "For the Heart their is no Color of Skin" which was published when I was in Grade 10 by "A Book By Me".

I aim to change the stories about women; I want to tell the stories of glory, success, bravery of women.


September 15, 2023
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