Tumaini (Hope in Swahili) is about the situation of women and girls in the rural areas in the Eastern part of the DRCongo. In this region, girls' right to education is not considered at the same level as boys. Due to the extreme poverty of the population of this part of the country, girls are forced to drop out of school from lack of school fees. Gentil Ishara and his fellows try to bring a solution to this situation by creating a program named GEP SCHOLARSHIP to support the school fees for girls in rural areas of DRCongo.

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About the filmmaker

ISHARA MUSIMWA Gentil was born and grown up in Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo). He is the third in a family of 8 children (4 girls and 4 boys). He finished his secondary school at ALFAJIRI College in Math physics before going at Catholic University of Bukavu where he is studying Economics. He began to experiment with movie maker programs by editing photos. In 2014, he created a film for his secondary school, Alfajiri which was given an award by the German-African COMENGA challenge. He is a BEBUC Scholar. BEBUC is a system which awards scholarships to excellent Congolese students.

About the filmmaker

NADEGE CIBOGO Felista was born in April 1995 in Bukavu; South-Kivu, in Democratic Republic of Congo. She is the 3rd child in the family of five children. Orphaned since 1998, she began her primary school when she was five years old at an orphanage. In 2014, she obtained her baccalaureate Diploma in biochemistry at Fadhili institute.


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