This film tells the life stories of Delfina and Gracinda from Mozambique, whose childhoods were stolen by child marriage. Due to poverty and lack of opportunity, they found their only solution in marriage, so they married at the age of 15. Gracinda was mistreated by her husband, when she said ENOUGH, he amputated her hands. Now she advises the girls to study so they do not end up like her. Delfina is now 16 years old, 8 months pregnant, but dreams of going back to school one day and being a nurse or teacher.

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About the filmmaker

Suzete Da Gracinda Andres is a student of Accounting and Finance, passionate about Television and the promotion of the rights of children. She was born in Mueda in the province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. At the age of 12, she began to present children's programs on TV-Mozambique (TVM), in a partnership with UNICEF. She is a member of the All In Initiative, to end AIDS in acdolescents. Along with studying Accounting and Finance at Eduardo Mondlane University, she helps with the production of children's programs in TVM.


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