The issue of sexual harassment against women has caused many to hide their trauma due to the social stigma that this is taboo. Victims of sexual assault are like hidden flowers unable to bloom in the shadows of trauma, but is the dying flower's fault or is it the fault of the environment around it?.

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About the filmmakers

Hello my name is Selma. Now I am studying at the University of Surabaya majoring in Multimedia. I'm so interested in photography and cinematography. So I took a position as Director of Photography (DoP) or became a cameraman. I also occupy the position of editor. But now, I'm trying to be a Director.

I was born in 2000. Since she was in elementary school, I really loved movies. I went to boarding schools during middle and high school, but that doesn't mean creativity was hampered. When i was in high school i had joined in movie maker team, we won in some of national short film competitions.

Cinematography is my intention since I was in high school until now I'm in college. I like to write stories, so I'm a script writer. Me and my team won several short films competition. It's really exciting to spread positive messages through movies. I became so in love with cinematography since then.

Hi, I'm Ramzy Fauzan, a seasoned filmmaker specializing in cinematography and editing. With a wealth of experience as a cinematographer and editor, Passionate about the art of storytelling, I constantly seek to create visually stunning compositions and seamlessly craft narratives that captivate audiences.


September 15, 2023

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