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About the filmmakers

Justin is a passionate filmmaker with a deep-rooted commitment to gender studies and feminism. With a fervent belief in the power of storytelling, Justin aspires to merge their two passions to create films that challenge societal norms, highlight marginalized voices, and promote gender equality.

Elliott is an ardent learner and maker of the filmmaking field. His special interest has led him to a number of valuable opportunities; he was part of a Netflix environmental documentary called “White-Out” just last year, and currently he resorts to a plethora of both modest and significant school and extracurricular video projects. He looks forward to continuing projects on both human rights and the environment.

Attending Yongsan International School of Seoul, Caleb is a hardworking student interested in partaking in many experiences of the world. Caleb was born in Argentina on July 7, 2006 and he will soon be entering his junior year of high school. Some hobbies Caleb am interested in are playing a variety of sports (mainly soccer), drawing, and listening to music. Caleb also would like to embark on many traveling journeys throughout the world to experience different cultures and traditions. From this film, Caleb is interested in drawing attention towards comfort women, women’s rights, and modern feminism that all require awareness and impact on society.


September 15, 2023

Punto de Vista: Sa Lente ng Babae

By James C. Albano, Angelica Joy Caillan, Myrel Clyjana Avila and Katherine Mata
September 15, 2023

Forgotten Femicide

By Zainab Zafar
September 15, 2023

Flower in the Shadow

By Selma Tijady, Joylita Ficha, Salsabiil Azzahra and Ramzy Fauzan