This is a story about the journey of Darakhshan, an educational institute for disabled women in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and how it was built and expanded against all odds by a visually-impaired couple.

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About the filmmakers

Ayesha is an 18-year-old student and an aspiring filmmaker/storyteller from Islamabad, Pakistan. This is her first attempt at telling a story close to her heart.


September 15, 2022


By Ayla Carda
September 15, 2022

Till I Wear Out

By Khushi Goswami
September 29, 2021

Jhebbing (Women)

by Joylita Ficha Zulfa Salzabella, Salsabiil Azzahra, Shofiah Nur Azizah Nisvitami and M. Adi Nurwahyudi, Indonesia