This short film takes a deep look into the Refugee Women's Alliance Organization located in Seattle, Washington. It focuses on their Youth Program's emphasis on good, equal education for everyone and acknowledges the struggles of their female students and what they do to overcome.

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About the filmmakers

Ayla is a PNW actor and filmmaker. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Ayla has been directing, writing, filming, editing, and acting in her own videos. In the fall of 2022, Ayla will be attending the University of Washington, Tacoma, where she will be majoring in Film production and Media.


September 15, 2022


By Ayesha Umar
September 15, 2022

Till I Wear Out

By Khushi Goswami
September 29, 2021

Jhebbing (Women)

by Joylita Ficha Zulfa Salzabella, Salsabiil Azzahra, Shofiah Nur Azizah Nisvitami and M. Adi Nurwahyudi, Indonesia