Q: How is my entry judged?

A: Your film is evaluated on the following criteria:

Alignment with our award categories
Clarity and impact of the message
Creativity in presentation
Cinematography and editing
Screenplay writing

Q: Will my film automatically appear on your website for the People's Choice voting?

A: We receive hundreds of films and unfortunately not all of them will advance to our online gallery/voting round.

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: Yes, you must be 25 years or younger at the submission date to enter.

Q: Can young men/boys submit films?

A: Yes, and we encourage it. Any gender can submit a film as long as the topic addresses critical issues related to advancing women and girls. See detailed categories above.

Q: Can I enter if I am in middle school?

A: Yes, middle school students may submit their films as long as they meet the other stated eligibility requirements.

Q: How long should my film be?

A: Your film should be between 3 to 6 minutes long. However, we understand that your film might run a few seconds under or over the time allotment.

Q: Are there subcategories for different genres?

A: Although most of the films submitted to our film festival are short documentaries, we also accept other genres such as drama and animation. The goal is to make a film that delivers a meaningful message about women and girls. How you achieve that goal is up to you. Creativity is encouraged! Check out these previous film submissions to get a better idea of genres and topics.

Your Flowers Did Not Fade


A Truth


A Ripple Effect


Skin Tone Rule

Q: Can I use music in my film?

A: Yes, we encourage the use of music, as long as it is original or royalty-free.

Q: Who retains the copyright and right to distribute the film?

A: While the creators retain artistic ownership of overall content, by submitting to the ConnectHER film festival, creators grant permission to ConnectHER for all use, distribution, and circulation rights. For example, if ConnectHER wants to publish or show the video in any capacity, they may do so freely as may the creators.

Q: What topics can I choose from?

A: You may choose from a range of topics (listed in entry rules above) that address critical issues impacting women and girls. See topics here. We highly encourage filmmakers to tell stories that are relevant in their own communities or geographic regions.

Q. How many films can I enter?

A: You may enter up to two films as long as they address two separate topics.

Q: How many contributors’ names can be submitted as part of a film team?

A: Although most entries are from individuals, the names of up to four students 25 or under, provided that every student involved meets the stated eligibility requirements. Our submission form allows space for up to four entrants per submission.

Q: Who receives the prize money if more than one person contributes to the film?

A: The scholarship prize money is awarded to the creators of the film. If the film was created by a team, it is awarded per the team's request.

Q: I am producing my film for a film class or organization that mentors students in filmmaking and media production. Can I submit a film that I produced under the supervision of my teacher?

A: Yes. Film class students and students working with media organizations are welcome to submit their films as long as they meet the other stated requirements.

Q: We run an organization that serves women and girls. Can one of our student volunteers or interns submit a film to your festival that highlights our work?

A: Yes, as long as they are 25 years old or younger. Any prize money received will go directly to the entrant as an unrestricted scholarship.

Q: Is funding available for international winners to attend the annual awards ceremony, for expenses such as flights and accommodations?

A: We currently do not cover flights for International winners to attend the awards ceremony. Accommodations may be covered.

Q: Our school has no film equipment. Can ConnectHER provide a camera for our students to use?

A: We would love to consider this if you can prove that your school serves a large population of underprivileged students (for example, if more than 40 percent of your school's students qualify for free or reduced lunch programs). Email us at filmfest@connecther.org to get the conversation started. We would also consider a small charter, international or private school that has insufficient funding.

Q: Are filmmakers from any countries excluded from participating?

A: Filmmakers in all countries are welcome to participate, however, due to U.S. export regulations, we may have difficulty disbursing scholarship funds if winners are residents of Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Iran, or Syria.

Q: Will my film win the People's Choice Award if it gets the most votes?

A: The final selection of the People's Choice winner is made by our judges. Judges select three finalists from the top 10 films that have the most popular votes. They then choose a winner from the top three finalists.

Q: Who can I email with more questions?

A: Get in touch with ConnectHER at filmfest@Connecther.org.