The film, Fighting the Gender Gap, works to empower minority groups in technology by dismantling negative stereotypes surrounding technical careers. It features a variety of girls that have an impact in STEM to allow young girls to imagine the possibility of a STEM career. The film aims to change the stereotype that computer science is not a career for women and minorities by rebranding what it means to be a computer scientist.

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About the filmmaker

Briana is a rising sophomore at Stanford University as a computer science major. This summer, she worked at Facebook's Seattle office as a software engineering intern. At Stanford, she is the Chair of Community for Women in CS.


August 22, 2021

Breaking the Shell

by Diana Lyoto, Tanzania
August 22, 2021

Running the Show

by Allegra Cameron, Joss Cameron, and Emma Donnelly, USA
August 22, 2021

African Nova Scotian Women in STEM

by Tyra Obadan, Canada