Hundreds of asylum seekers, survivors of FGM, Human trafficking, rape and war are unlawfully detained indefinitely in a prison-like compounds, where neglect and mismanagement are commonplace. A place like this couldn't exist here ? These are the untold stories of the indefinitely detained asylum seekers of Britain.

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About the filmmaker

I am a student living in London. In my spare time I love to make short videos on my Iphone. This Year I am trying to expand my platforms and I'm learning to use more complex software to produce more cinematic videos and documentaries. Finding out about Yarl's Wood last year I was inspired to help tell the stories of the women detained there. I never imagine such a place could exist in my country today, I wanted to let all my friends know as well.


September 15, 2022

Her & I

By Monalisa Sikamale
September 15, 2022

Sight Unseen

By Janie "Sasha" Surkin
September 15, 2022


by Hasanul Hoq