A local Black father daughter duo share their story of opening a hair salon and barber shop next door to each other, and the challenges they met in the process.

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About the filmmaker

Jhonni Dixon is a high school senior with a love for storytelling. She has participated in her high school\'s filmmaking and media studies program throughout high school. Jhonni will be attending NYU to pursue a BFA in Film and Television Production with the hopes of becoming a cinematographer.


September 15, 2023


By Moustafa Elhouly, Shahd Al Modallal, Abrar Alfarra and Nader Alrozzy
September 14, 2023
Thumbnail of short film She Doesn't Know by Inés Arroyo

She Doesn’t Know

By Inés Arroyo
September 7, 2023
Thumbnail of short film I Come Home to Myself by Kidist Adamu

I Come Home to Myself

By Kidist Adamu