We tell Ria's story, an architect and owner of the OFA art project. Ria creates mosaic paintings and offers art workshops for young people, seeking to highlight beauty. Ria and team, take care of every single broken mosaic piece to bring out the inner beauty of things while we only see the outside.

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About the filmmakers

Editor and photographer born in 2003 in Gaza, Palestine. Radio and Television Media student. Passionate about documentary filmmaking. He aspires to be a director. He conveys the specific and clear reality he and his colleagues and his team work.

A 21-year-old student currently studying for a bachelor's degree majoring in Translation.

A 19-year-old university student of digital media Professional photographer and media person I aspire to be a professional filmmaker.

She's 23- years old, Studied programming She's work as a photographer and content creator She aspire to become a professional cinematographer.


September 15, 2023
Thumbnail of short film Lovecuts by Jhonni Dixon


By Jhonni Dixon
September 14, 2023
Thumbnail of short film She Doesn't Know by Inés Arroyo

She Doesn’t Know

By Inés Arroyo
September 7, 2023
Thumbnail of short film I Come Home to Myself by Kidist Adamu

I Come Home to Myself

By Kidist Adamu