In Kenya, many rape victims have suffered embarrassment and fall under pressure and societal stigma to not share their stories. However, a current group of survivors are breaking these stereotypes and using their stories to pioneer change and reform. In these short documentary titled, 'She matters' we take a brief look into the lives and stories of survivors who were abused by those who they thought were closest to them. The subjects in the film are real-life victims of rape, who give their first hand accounts of their encounters, these stories enlighten men on the atrocities they have caused to women, while some may have messages of hope even after, some may not. This film is based on true-events in Nairobi;Kenya.

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About the filmmaker

Suhayl Omar is a 19 year old filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. His love for activism and calling out oppression has led him into the film industry, where he creates social justice documentaries and shorts. He is a self taught filmmaker, and just recently he got awarded a grant to help produce his debut short documentary about the forgotten freedom fighters in Kenya. At a tender age he has surprised many by pursuing the film industry and even further getting film grants. His motivation and self-drive has led him to being awarded photography prizes and also funding for his films. Currently, Suhayl is in university studying international relation and diplomacy in Kenya.


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