Our bodies do incredible things, and yet the topic of our body's maturing are quickly discussed in adolescent years and then avoided thereafter. No one likes to talk about growing up, puberty, and sex to young people. In this documentary, however, I argue that the talk is necessary to have, especially because without it, kids will be growing into a maturity for which they are not prepared.

I filmed students around campus asking them questions about what they remember from Human Growth and Development and Sex Ed programs in grade school, as well as questions on puberty in general. Most of the young adults I interviewed could not answer simple questions. This film is to show the importance of being educated on puberty and sex, regardless of beliefs in practice, for that it is only through education one might lead a comfortable, safe, and confident life. We should not be afraid to talk about it!

It also is to push for better educations in countries that need it most, and that even though the US has less-than-best programs, the US is not the only nation-state that needs better health education.

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About the filmmaker

My name is Jes Mabanglo and I am a sophomore at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, USA. I am 20 years old, am a Comm Arts major and (an eventual) English and French double-minor. I like to make films, especially dramas and non-fiction, but aspire mostly to be a critic or script supervisor in the film industry. Often in my films I try to give some voice to those who have either been quieted or muted in certain settings. Unfortunately, often times, that is women. I want to influence and raise strong girls and sweet boys who know that they can do (or feel!) anything. And that their stories are worth being heard.


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