The definition of what it means to be "Beautiful" has changed drastically over the years. In this short film, I asked girls and women of different ages to tell me what they think makes a girl beautiful, as well as one thing they would like to change about themselves. Their responses show that it's time to redefine what is means to be beautiful.

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About the filmmaker

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Brooke Madson is a freshman at Liberty University. She hopes to achieve a degree in Cinematic Arts as her passion is working behind the camera to create impacting stories others can relate to.


September 15, 2023


By Moustafa Elhouly, Shahd Al Modallal, Abrar Alfarra and Nader Alrozzy
September 15, 2023
Thumbnail of short film Lovecuts by Jhonni Dixon


By Jhonni Dixon
September 14, 2023
Thumbnail of short film She Doesn't Know by Inés Arroyo

She Doesn’t Know

By Inés Arroyo