Society teaches women from a young age to rely on other people to determine our worth. We grow up seeking this worth from our parents, peers, and, eventually, men. I have personally struggled with this my whole life, but I no longer want to rely on others to allow me to love myself.

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About the filmmaker

I’m a high school junior currently enrolled in Weatherford College as a part of the dual credit program. I have always struggled with my confidence, so this is film is extremely personal. I made this film to inspire other girls to find the love for themselves that I have during this project.


September 15, 2023


By Moustafa Elhouly, Shahd Al Modallal, Abrar Alfarra and Nader Alrozzy
September 15, 2023
Thumbnail of short film Lovecuts by Jhonni Dixon


By Jhonni Dixon
September 14, 2023
Thumbnail of short film She Doesn't Know by Inés Arroyo

She Doesn’t Know

By Inés Arroyo