Mina, a 12 years old school girl, happily signs up for a game of marriage with her friends but is unaware about the horrific experience forthcoming to her.

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About the filmmakers

Suraj Katuwal is a filmmaking student from Nepal. He is in his final year of film school specializing in Screenplay Writing and Direction.

Born in Nepal, Mira Khadka is an aspiring filmmaker based in Kathmandu. She recently completed her Bachelor's degree in social work. She has been making independent films believing cinema has the ability to impact people's lives.


September 15, 2023

Flower in the Shadow

By Selma Tijady, Joylita Ficha, Salsabiil Azzahra and Ramzy Fauzan
September 15, 2023
Thumbnail of short film Searching for Dignity

Searching for Dignity

By Prince Kumar
September 11, 2023

One Step Forward

By Rita Xiang