Girls are bombarded with unrealistic messages about beauty from the media and social media. Watch these creative takes on how to counter those messages and reclaim your self-esteem.

September 15, 2022

One Click Away

By Julia Hicks
September 15, 2022


By Paola Perez
September 15, 2022


By Sophia Chew and Madison Chew
September 14, 2022

Painting Darker Skinned Women in a Good Light

By Kasoga "Winnie" Winnifred 
September 29, 2021


by Athena Stuebe, USA
August 22, 2021

The Cubicle

by Bella Henry and Elleni Yates, Australia
August 20, 2021


by Paolina Stefani, UK
August 20, 2021

Ruth: A Vision of Beauty

by Hannah Oommen, Canada
August 20, 2021

Beautiful Bodies

by Amanda Camos, USA